Exclusive garden houses – the perfect background for an outdoor kitchen

When we think of the perfect place to relax in the garden, our imagination draws a scene of comfortable armchairs, colourful flowers, and a cosy place to gather with family and friends. However, more and more people are also appreciating the possibility of preparing meals outside. A garden kitchen becomes not only a functional but also an aesthetic addition to any green space. But how to combine this functionality with elegance? Exclusive garden houses are the answer.

a garden kitchen with a garden room

An exclusive garden house – what does that actually mean?

Not every garden house can be described as “exclusive”. This term is reserved for those that stand out not only for their robustness of workmanship, but above all for their unique design and top-quality materials. As mentioned earlier, it all starts with wood. At PINEGARD, we use wood sourced from the cold regions of Russia and Scandinavia to create garden houses. This makes it compact, robust, and guarantees durability for years to come.

A kitchen in the garden – why is it a good idea?

Surely many of us have experienced the pleasure of an outdoor barbecue. However, a garden kitchen is more than just a grill. It is a full-fledged location where we can prepare complete meals, from starters to desserts. Combined with a modern garden house it becomes the heart of the garden, a place where family and friends enjoy spending time.

An exclusive garden house as a background for a garden kitchen

Imagine a warm summer afternoon. You are preparing your favourite dish surrounded by greenery and a view of the beautiful wooden garden house structure. An exclusive garden house not only protects you from the sun or unexpected rain, but also provides a unique backdrop for your garden kitchen. Its design and finish enhance the character of the space, adding a touch of class and elegance.

a kitchenette in a garden house

Zamów indywidualny projekt lub aranżację z naszych propozycji

Thanks to the solid workmanship and protecting the wood against weather conditions, you can be sure that your garden house will last for many years. The natural OSMO coatings we use to protect these structures ensure that its beauty and durability are maintained for many years. What should be included in such a kitchen?

What should be included in a garden kitchen?

When planning an outdoor kitchen, it’s worth thinking about its functionality and listing the essential elements. Certainly a sturdy grill or oven is the basis, but this is only the beginning.

A modern garden kitchen should also be equipped with:

  • a washing area,
  • a workspace,
  • and a place for storing kitchen utensils and ingredients.

An exclusive garden house with a kitchen in the garden

Moreover, when planning a garden kitchen:

  • Consider a worktop – preferably made of natural stone or stainless steel, which blends perfectly with the wooden structure of the garden house and is easy to maintain.
  • Also, don’t forget the lighting – soft, warm light will give your evening feasting a special atmosphere.
  • And for those who want to raise the standard of their garden kitchen, we recommend additional amenities, such as outdoor fridges, pizza ovens, or even small bars with space for your favourite beverages.

When planning the space, it is also worth considering comfortable seating areas, so that cooking outdoors is a pure pleasure and not just a chore.

Recommended garden kitchen equipment

The brands offering garden kitchen equipment that we particularly recommend are:

  • Broil King – manufacturer of high quality grills and garden ovens
  • Quan Garden Art – manufacturer of unique garden kitchens
  • Cane-Line – manufacturer of furniture and garden equipment

An exclusive garden house with a kitchen

A garden kitchen, surrounded by an exclusive garden house, is the dream of every aficionado of cooking and relaxing outdoors. With PINEGARD, you can make it come true by investing in a product that combines functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Plan your space so that it becomes the real heart of the garden, a place to meet, laugh, and cook together. We are happy to help you with this.