Carport or garage – which to choose? Advantages and disadvantages of both solutions

Choosing between a carport, i.e. a modern wooden garage, and a traditional garage is a frequently asked question by homeowners who want to optimise their outdoor space. Both carports and garages have their unique advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering before making a decision. We discuss them in this article.

What is a carport really?

A carport is a lightweight structure, usually open on at least one side, mainly used to protect a car from adverse weather conditions. They are often referred to as modern wooden garages because they stand out in terms of appearance and construction quality. Pinegard’s carports are made of high-quality wood, which ensures great durability and aesthetics.

and a traditional garage?

A traditional garage is an enclosed, more robust structure that offers complete protection for vehicles and can also be used as a storage area or workshop. It is most often placed on foundations and built up on all sides, while an automatic gate provides access to the centre.

Advantages and disadvantages of a carport – a modern wooden garage

Better air circulation, faster access to the car, easier installation are just a few advantages of a modern wooden garages. The aesthetic appearance of Pinegard’s carports further enhances the aesthetic value of the property.

Advantages of a carport:

  • Open design – this allows free access to the vehicle and makes parking easier and more comfortable.
  • Weather protection – The carport roof protects the vehicle from rain, snow, hail, and the sun. This ensures a longer service life for the vehicle’s paintwork and bodywork.
  • Easy maintenance – Carports are relatively easy to maintain. Wood can be regularly impregnated to ensure it lasts for many years.

Carport disadvantages:

  • Less protection against theft and burglary than a garage.

Some people include the lack of extra storage space among the disadvantages of typical wooden roofs, but Pinegard’s carports can include extra storage space. What’s more, it can be fitted with windows and even a discreet entrance.

Advantages and disadvantages of a garage

A garage is an enclosed structure with solid walls and doors and often extra storage space all in one. But are there only advantages?

Advantages of a garage:

  • Complete protection against weather, theft, and other threats. The vehicle is fully protected from external factors.
  • More space to store tools, garden equipment, or to function as a workshop. This solution increases the functionality of our backyard.

Disadvantages of a garage:

  • Higher cost – Building a garage is usually a more expensive project than a carport and requires a building permit (this is not always the case with a garage).
  • Less air circulation, making the garage more prone to moisture and ventilation problems, especially if it is not properly ventilated.
  • Less natural light – The enclosed nature of a garage means that less natural light enters, which may require additional lighting.

Carport or garage – which is better to put in the garden?

Investing in building a place to park your car next to your home is an important decision. A carport, with its open design and aesthetic appearance, not only protects your vehicle but also enhances the visual aesthetics of your property. It combines protection from the weather with an attractive appearance. It is the perfect solution for those looking for the optimum balance between protection and aesthetics.

Building a modern wooden garage can pay off – choose a carport

The decision between a carport and a garage depends on many factors, including individual needs, budget, climate conditions and preferences concerning aesthetics. Pinegard carports offer a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality, while garages provide comprehensive protection and additional usable space. Therefore, such a combination can pay off.

We encourage you to consider all aspects carefully before making a decision. If you decide to get a carport, remember that Pinegard products guarantee high quality and durability, supporting both the functionality and aesthetics of your space around the house.

We specialise in the construction of wooden garden roofs of various types, so we can help you plan and design your dream space for your car next to your house.