Carport – a modern wooden garage

The carport, or a wooden garage, is an increasingly popular solution. And it is hardly surprising, as such a modern “garage” has many advantages.


Out of the box

When we think “wooden garage”, in our mind we usually see a rectangular structure, a roof supported by 4 pillars. Pinegard’s carport could not be further from this image. It is a luxurious, minimalist form that can be customised to suit your garden space. It can include built-in walls, fitted sleek glass, LED backlights, and even photovoltaics to power an electric car.


Learning to multiply

The possibility to adapt the shape of a carport to suit the space or needs is also useful when there are more vehicles. By moving away from the rectangular form, we can arrange the space much more efficiently and effectively. A carport can also be connected to, for example, a wooden garden outbuilding acting as a garden shed. It can mimic the figure of a house or fit into the terrain while accommodating multiple vehicles.

Warszawa carport

A garage or gallery?

A modern wooden garage can become a real highlight of your garden. This is made possible not only by its beautiful, modern design. Thoughtfully installed lighting will enhance the beauty of your cars and allow you to enjoy their view 24 hours a day. This solution is also appreciated by collectors of vintage cars, combining the carport with an orangery, for example, and transforming it into a delightful gallery of classic cars. 


Not just a car, but also a port

Of course, a carport, contrary to its name, does not have to accommodate only cars. The flexibility of the design provides space for motorbikes, campervans, and even for mooring a jet ski or boat. Combined with a garden shed or storage, it will also accommodate essential accessories, summer or winter tyres, and sports equipment.

A carport constitutes a fashionable and versatile solution. With its luxurious design, it presents a modern look, enhancing the qualities of the house and garden.