The end of the barbecue season?
Certainly not in your garden.

Transport and assembly

Friends are happy when they get together. Serve your family and loved ones the essence of minimalist design. Choose harmonious shapes from Pinegard. Exquisite wood, natural beauty, and a perfect finish. Combine it with the timeless character of the Big Green Egg. Enjoy the aromatic warmth of the ceramic grill. Let friendship and beauty never cool down. Enjoy!

Break the pattern, open the garden, light a fire. Choose family, choose friendship, choose unforgettable moments together. Cook, talk, laugh. Don't look at the calendar, don't look at your watch. The autumn-winter period constitutes an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the delights of nature in a stylish Pinegard garden house.

Invite friends for an unforgettable evening outdoors.

Inside the Pinegard designer pergola, it's the weather that has to adapt to your plans. The legendary Big Green Egg grill will take care of the rest.

Pinegard x Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is the original. A living legend since 1974, the Big Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal grill that refers to ancient Chinese ovens. You will recognise it by its distinctive ceramic coating with a double glaze in green, which was designed with the help of NASA. It provides unlimited cooking possibilities and a lifetime guarantee of enjoyment. The EGG is your new year-round companion, and the perfect tenant for Pinegard's minimalist garden furniture.

Order a Pinegard weatherproof garden structure together with
the legendary Big Green Egg barbecue and receive a set of luxury
kitchen accessories as a gift.

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