A modern garden house for every occasion

A modern garden house can fulfil many functions. In order to take full advantage of what it has to offer, plan its use in different weather conditions with the support of specialists.


Garden house with a roof for the spring

Once we are awakened by the sun’s rays rather than the winter grey, we start to spend more time outside. To comfortably enjoy the beauty of a garden house, you only need a structure measuring 4×5 metres. You can easily fit a table, six chairs, and still have plenty of space to move around. 

a garden kitchen with a garden room

A garden house with a summer kitchen

Summer is the perfect time to sit in a garden house. To be able to fit a leisure set and dining table in it, you need a construction measuring 4×6 or 4×8 metres. A summer kitchen where you will have all the needed appliances and party products can also be easily included. When planning such an entertainment centre, also bear in mind the possibility of hiding, for example, loudspeaker cables, led lighting, an electric fireplace cables, or simply a plug for connecting equipment. Additional openwork screens protect your guests, but also the sunbathing family members from the prying eyes of the neighbours.

SLP Modern Garden House

A garden house with walls as protection against the rain

Our latitude offers us far fewer dry than wet days. To be able to enjoy your garden house also during rainy days, prepare your garden house at the very beginning. You can close the walls of the structure with roller shutters, which will protect you from rain and wind, but limit the views. The most aesthetically pleasing option consists in sliding glazing, which not only provides tight protection, but also does not close off access to light and the opportunity to enjoy the landscape.

A garden house with an open pergola

A permanent terrace roof is a convenient option, but you may find that it gets in the way of sunbathing or growing plants. An interesting solution is to extend the garden house with a pergola, which creates an exposed space for sun loungers or a vegetable garden. This will be particularly useful when you create a summer garden kitchen or garden bar in the garden house.

a modern garden house

A garden house as a garden room

A modern garden house can also become a garden room. If you enclose the structure, it will be a great place to relax in all weathers and temperatures – even in winter. With the right wall insulation and electrical connections, it can even be made into a fully functional guest house.

As you can see, a modern, well-planned garden house can serve you all year round. Even if you don’t furnish it all at once, we will design it so that it can grow with your needs.