Which garden pergola accessories to choose when creating a relaxation centre?

The garden constitutes a place where we can fully enjoy nature outdoors, and pergolas are the perfect way to create a relaxation centre in the garden. They are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, especially if you make sure they are made of beautiful wood and choose the right accessories. And accessories for pergolas are not just anchors and connectors, they are also curtains, shutters, or lighting. In today’s article, we will look at various solutions to create a unique and functional garden pergola.

Accessories for terrace and freestanding pergolas

When we think of furnishing a terrace pergola or a free-standing pergola in the garden, the first things that come to mind are garden furniture, plants, and possibly a mosquito net to shield ourselves from intrusive insects. However, the choice of accessories does not end there at all. We can equip our outdoor structure in the garden with various small as well as large accessories to make the space even more comfortable.

Pergola roof – Protection from the sun and rain

The first element to consider is the roof of the pergola. The right wooden terrace roof can provide shade on hot days and protection from the rain. Various materials are available for the pergola roof, such as wood, polycarbonate, glass, or fabric.

A wooden terrace roof will add natural charm to a garden pergola, while glass roofs can introduce a modern touch. The fabric ones, on the other hand, can be set on tracks and controlled electronically, giving us the possibility to adjust the intensity of the sunlight.

Curtains and shutters – Intimacy and protection from the wind

To create a more intimate and sheltered space in a pergola, consider curtains and shutters. By mounting them on the walls of the structure, they can provide privacy and protection from the wind.

By choosing fabrics of the right weight, it is possible to create a cosy space in which to spend evenings even on colder days. Curtains and shutters are also an excellent solution if you want to regulate the amount of sunlight reaching the interior of a pergola.

Sliding walls or slats – Air and light control

If you want more control over the air flow and the amount of light, consider a pergola with sliding walls or movable slats. Such smal slats can be adjusted to the angle of the light and provide a pleasant shade inside. What’s more, by fitting movable small slats, we can gain additional protection from the wind.

LED lighting – Creating an atmosphere for evening relaxation

Lighting constitutes a key element of any garden pergola. LED lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere for evening relaxation. We can take advantage of LED lights in different shapes and colours to give the pergola a unique character. Thanks to LED lighting, a pergola can also be used after dark, making it more functional.

Heat system

Summer provides us with plenty of options for spending time under a pergola, but in spring or autumn we don’t have to give them up. When thinking about accessories for the pergola, consider electric infrared heaters,, which will provide us with pleasant warmth on cool evenings. Nowadays, such devices can be managed remotely and controlled via mobile devices, giving us a truly comfortable heat system.

Photovoltaic panels

Today, we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for economy or a positive environmental impact. We can have all these things together. At Pinegard, we offer the installation of photovoltaic panels for a pergola, which can power its lighting or heating.

Additional solutions – Electronics and multimedia

If you want to create a garden pergola that will constitute an entertainment centre, it is worth considering additional electronics and multimedia solutions. We can install speakers, televisions, or projectors, allowing you to watch movies outdoors or host music parties. This will turn the pergola into an even more versatile place to relax.

Do you want to create a relaxation centre in your garden? Order a modern pergola from Pinegard

In summary, choosing the right accessories for a garden pergola can make a significant difference to its functionality and aesthetics. Roof, curtains, shutters, sheathing materials, dimensions, LED lighting, walls, slats and additional electronic solutions all constitute elements to consider when designing a pergola. With these, you can create a unique relaxation centre in your garden that will attract attention and provide a comfortable place to spend time outdoors.

At Pinegard, we understand very well how our customers use their garden structures, so we pay a lot of attention to their needs. If you dream of a real garden pergola, one in which you will enjoy spending long hours, contact us.