Smart solutions for garden pergolas – automation, lighting, and more

The garden constitutes a place where we can relax, unwind, and spend time outdoors, but how can we enjoy the beauty of the nature around us without being exposed to excess sun or sheltered from light rain? How to spend time in a comfortable armchair with a book and a glass of prosecco, listening to birdsong? These are some of the reasons why we construct pergolas, which today have much more to offer us than they did just a few years ago. Thanks to modern technologies and smart solutions, garden pergolas are becoming even more functional and comfortable.

What are smart solutions for pergolas?

When we talk about smart solutions for garden pergolas, we are referring to the increasingly popular smart systems, i.e. devices that operate automatically and those that can be controlled remotely via mobile devices.

At Pinegard, we are increasingly often installing such smart solutions as:

  • automatic roof and wall shutters,
  • automatic LED lighting with motion sensors as well as variable light colour and temperature,
  • remotely controlled heating systems.

Which pergolas can be fitted with smart systems?

We can find advanced smart systems on the market that can be easily adapted to various spaces. For this reason, there are practically no limits and we can equip freestanding garden pergolas as well as wooden terrace roofs, garden houses, and other wooden structures that we make at Pinegard with smart systems.

A modern garden pergola including automation – advantages

Automation is the key word when it comes to modern garden pergolas. Thanks to advanced automatic control systems, we can adapt our pergola to changing weather conditions and our own preferences. We can control roof shutters or lighting and even heating.

Roof control systems

One of the most important elements of a pergola is the roof. Thanks to automatic roof control systems, we can control the amount of sunlight that reaches the interior of a pergola. Depending on our needs, we can open or close the roof, adapting it to the current weather conditions. This is particularly useful in the event of sudden rain or excessive sunshine.

In terms of modern wooden pergolas, which we offer at Pinegard, we can install roller shutters on guides made of PVC fabrics resistant to various weather conditions, as well as aluminium slats. By installing a system with electric actuators, you no longer need to extend such a roller shutter manually. All you need is a remote control or an app on your smartphone.

Even more so, similar solutions can be fitted to the walls of a pergola, giving it a practical screen to protect it from the sun, wind, as well as the prying eyes of neighbours. However, let’s go a step further.

Lighting control

Proper lighting can make a significant difference to the atmosphere of our garden. Therefore, it is worth investing in smart lighting solutions for pergolas. Just like a wooden terrace roof, the lighting can also be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. This allows us to adjust the intensity and colour of the lighting to suit specific occasions, creating a unique atmosphere for evening meetings with friends or romantic dinners.

Heating systems

If you want to use the pergola also in early autumn, you should consider installing a heating system. By installing automatic radiant heaters, we will be able to enjoy a comfortable temperature on cooler evenings.

What about ecology and energy?

When putting up a wooden terrace roof or a freestanding pergola in the garden, it is also worth paying attention to ecological and energy-saving issues. If you are concerned about sustainability and want to reduce your impact on the environment, you can consider integrated solar panels. Thanks to them our pergola will produce its own energy to power smart systems.

What’s more, we can invest in automated energy management systems that make efficient use of available resources. These can control the energy consumption of our pergola, adapting it to current needs and weather conditions. This allows us to save energy and reduce the operating costs of the pergola.

Smart home and smart systems for modern wooden pergolas

If we already have a smart home system installed, we can integrate the pergola in the garden with our home. All we need to do is choose the pergola devices that can be connected to the existing smart system. This will allow us to control the pergola using the same apps and devices that we use to manage other elements of our home. This is an incredibly convenient solution that makes our entire home even more customisable.

Increase your outdoor relaxation pleasure in an automated pergola

Thanks to modern technologies, you can make your terrace enclosure or free-standing pergola a real relaxing oasis near your home.

Roof automation, smart lighting, heating systems and energy-saving solutions mean that we can enjoy our garden almost all year round in comfort and with care for the environment.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your garden and create a unique place to relax, it’s worth considering smart garden pergola solutions from Pinegard. They will make your garden even more beautiful and functional.