An almost aluminium pergola

Looking at the photo above, did you think it was an aluminium pergola? Nothing could be further from the truth, although we have to say that its design and the way it has been finished can bring to mind the typical features of aluminium garden houses. However, this one was constructed from wood, which has many more advantages than aluminium. Want to know what are the advantages?

Not aluminium but wood

The glued timber we’ve used in the construction of this pergola is the same timber used in the window joinery. We’ve coated it with a natural oil stain in an anthracite colour, which refers to the shade of the house’s roofing. This gave the pergola a modern look, while at the same time we’ve ensured that the wood had a free flow of air. By coating it with oil, its structure is not sealed as is the case of lacquer. This, in turn, means that its construction is likely to retain its beautiful appearance for many years.

It's not an aluminium pergola, but that's even better

Even though it is not an aluminium but a wooden pergola, it resembles one in appearance. However, it includes many more advantages. What are they? Firstly, wood offers more possibilities for customisation. We can use it to create a structure of almost any size and position it even on uneven surfaces. Moreover, we can easily mount it to the façade or even the roof, using specially prepared fixings for the frame, as in this project. It can easily be placed between other structures, such as a winter garden, and we do not need adjoining walls to do so. Therefore, if you were planning to install an aluminium pergola, give us a call and let’s talk about your needs or see the other possibilities in our other projects.