A poolside garden house

A poolside garden house constitutes not only an additional place to relax, but also a protection against excessive UV radiation. It is a perfect solution for those who value privacy and comfort during the summer heat. This is exactly what the investors were most concerned about when they asked us to build such a garden house in their garden.

A garden house not only for protection against the sun

The owners of this project wanted to make maximum use of the garden space. A poolside garden house constitutes the perfect place to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. It can be furnished with comfortable garden furniture to spend time with family and friends, reading a book or enjoying a drink.

How did we create this garden house?

When the investors asked us about a garden house that would work for relaxing in the garden and mentioned a pool, grill, and sunbathing area, we immediately thought of a design we had already done. We knew that it could not be a simple roof, but rather a structure in the form of a garden room. This idea appealed to customers.

We've made the garden house from thermo-wood, which is highly resistant to various weather conditions and moisture. We've covered it with a flat sheet metal roof and enclosed the spacious garden room with glazing, some of which is lockable. Next to the room, there is a utility room to store pool and garden accessories.

Advantages of a poolside garden house

The garden house we've constructed in terms of this project is basically a spacious garden room. It is the perfect place to meet with loved ones, host parties for friends, or simply relax in a shaded and secluded spot. Such a garden house also provides shelter in case of bad weather and allows you to continue relaxing in the garden after dusk.

If you are thinking of a similar structure in your garden, please contact us.