A large modern garden pergola with a grill

If you have a large garden and like to host guests in it, you need a place where you can spend time comfortably and safely. Preferably one like this large modern pergola with a grill, which offers space for any arrangement depending on your needs. It can be a garden room, an evening dining room, or a Sunday leisure area. When needed, it is easily turned into a party space. How did we build it?

How was this garden pergola created?

Because this large modern garden pergola with a grill was built in an open space, we had to screen off the inside from the wind. We’ve made two of the side walls out of wooden boards, while the rest of the walls were fitted with roller shutters that can be closed to protect the interior. We’ve installed fabric roller shutters on one of the two parts of the ceiling to provide pleasant shade.

A grill with friends and dinner in a a small group

This couldn’t have been just a small pergola. The investors of this large garden often throw parties for relatives and friends, so they needed a place where they could bring more people together. On a day-to-day basis, in turn, they are happy to use it while sipping coffee or eating their meals.

The inside of the pergola includes a table for eight people and next to it a large grill. An open leisure area was created next to it, where additional furniture can be placed. For example, deckchairs or another table. It’s also the perfect place for a swimming pool. If your garden also needs a space like this, give us a call and let’s plan its design.