Can a garden house be used during winter? A winter garden room

A garden house is a place we often associate with warm summer days, where we can relax outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the garden. However, more and more people are also discovering the potential of garden houses in the winter season. Such spaces, with the right equipment and planning, can become winter garden rooms – a place where nature can be enjoyed, even when there is frost and snow outside.

a garden house made of thermo-wood

A garden house – the base for a winter garden room

When making the decision to take advantage of a garden house during winter, it is worth ensuring that the space is properly prepared. A key element is, of course, thermal insulation. A garden house to be used as a winter garden room, must be well insulated to keep the heat inside. This may mean using additional insulation, for example in the form of thermo-panels on the walls and ceiling.

Of course, in this case it is also worth protecting the glazing. It is a good idea to seal any potential heat transfer points. Such insulation will keep the room warm while allowing to observe the winter landscape.

Heating a winter garden room

Of course, insulation is only part of the solution. It is also worth considering how to heat the winter garden room. There are many possibilities and the choice depends on individual preference and budget.

One popular way of heating garden houses during winter consists in wood stoves. However, although they are efficient, they require maintenance and are a fire hazard, as are gas stoves.

Electric heaters are another, but safer, option. However, if you will be using such a winter room or garden occasionally, infrared heaters may be a better choice. Unlike other heating sources, here the heat does not spread through the air, but reaches the bodies of those inside the garden house directly.

Equipment, or how to arrange a winter garden in a garden house

A winter garden room is not only a place for warm leisure, but also a space for relaxation and having fun. That is why it is worth taking care of the right furnishings. Comfortable leisure furniture that can be easily cleaned is essential. You can choose sofas, armchairs, or recliners – it all depends on your preferences and available space.

If the space is quite large, you can also include a hot-tub, set up a bar or kitchen. You can arrange a modern garden house with the help of Pinegard in such a way that it meets your wildest expectations even during winter.

Lighting a winter garden room

And don’t forget about the right amount of lighting. On winter evenings, a good illumination of the garden house will create a cosy atmosphere and enable the space to be used even after dark. You can install ceiling lights, wall lights, or lanterns. Multi-coloured LED strips or remote-controlled light bulbs that can change the colour and intensity of the light are a good idea.

Plants in a winter garden

Plants are an integral part of the garden, even during winter. In a winter garden room, it is worth opting for cold-tolerant plant species to add charm and colour to the space. Some plants, such as conifers, heather, or decorative grasses, retain their beauty even during winter. They can be easily grown in boxes.

Potted plants are also a great idea for decorating a winter garden room. Potted flowers, such as orchids, begonias or philodendrons, can be a beautiful decoration for a garden house and provide some spring flair to the winter garden.

A year-round garden house, or using a winter garden room

Once the garden house is properly prepared and equipped, it is possible to enjoy it throughout the winter season. It is the perfect place to read a book, enjoy a warm beverage, watch the birds in the trees, or simply relax after a hard day.

A winter garden room can also be the perfect place to hold family meetings or social parties. Winter grilling, baths in a hot-tub, or evening dinners by candlelight – all are possible in a winter garden.

Do you want to arrange a winter garden in a freestanding garden house? Do it with Pinegard

A properly prepared garden house can become a winter garden room for enjoying the delights of nature all year round.

Thermal insulation, glazing protection, and effective heating are key elements that enable this space to be used even on the coldest days. In addition, the right furnishings and decorations will make the winter garden room a favourite place to relax and spend time with loved ones. Therefore, it is worth taking this investment into consideration to enjoy the beauty of your garden all year round.

If you dream of constructing a winter garden that turns into a garden house during summer and vice versa, contact us. Let us help you plan your dream garden room. We will build it and help furnish it so that you can chill out, read a book and listen to music, as well as have a barbecue or a romantic dinner both in summer and winter.